Educate & Empower Students on Social Media

Congratulations on empowering your students with the important 21st Century & people skills that begin with practicing safe & positive social media and internet use!

Using our digital citizenship curriculum and tool students:



Create Teacher Accounts

Create Student Accounts

Google/Microsoft Login

If your students are using sign in with Google or Microsoft - Students will login using these buttons on the sign in page: They will not use the temporary PW.

Login Buttons

The Student Page


For better assessment & to improve students' critical thinking skills.


GoEnnounce includes a way for students to tag individual posts to organize and identify skills. This allows educators & administrators the use of a better assessment tool to view progression and mastery in the student’s own voices. Students and their portfolio visitors can filter & view posts, projects & artifacts by category. We include general tags of:

We can add IB (International Baccalaureate) Tags, AVID, ISTE Tags &/OR your school’s custom Tags upon request. Just ask us for more details.


Under 13 - Only Parents As Followers

Over 13 - Mentors

Privacy Settings


EVALUATIONS combined with student’s reflection = TRUE ASSESSMENT




Classroom Dashboard (Teacher/Admin)

Classroom Toolbar

Integrated Curriculum

Digital Citizenship Toolkit Curriculum: For 3rd - 6th GRADE

Your Digital Footprint Curriculum: For 7th- 12th GRADE

Digital Citizen - Online Course Certifying Your Students In Digital Citizenship

This online competency-based course is designed to sharpen students digital citizenship skills.

Behavioral & Cause For Concern Notifications

GoEnnounce has a team of individuals who monitor your student’s & their followers’ content. If we seemed something that violates our Terms of Use or is appropriate (i.e an example of cyberbullying or a graphic photo or video), it will be taken down.

Please contact your GoEnnounce rep or info@goennounce.com anytime to verify or change the settings you would like:

SMS (TEXT Notifications) - for more immediate notifications - If primary contacts and teachers and parents (via rostering) or have updated their SMS number in Edit Profile, this will issue an SMS notification in addition to the email to be more immediate.

Make Goennounce A Part Of The Conversation In Every Class

Empower Positive Student Voice - Your students are your best community engagement tool! By working with them on their voice as they share all of the awesome things they are accomplishing & learning, their community of followers becomes better informed about your school & district.

The most important piece in helping students understand and change their digital footprint comes in the application phase of the learning. This is just one of the major differences between GoEnnounce and all other Digital Citizenship curriculum, so be sure to infuse and weave opportunities for your students to utilize GoEnnounce into all subject areas whenever possible.

Thank you for helping your students get better prepared for tomorrow by giving them a tool to learn & practice these important 21st Century Skills:

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You can reach us anytime with questions by emailing info@goennounce.com or sending us a message using the contact form at https://goennounce.com/contact.

Happy E-nnouncing!!

❤️ The GoEnnounce Team